Founded in September 2018, Imago VFX born from the vision of Fabrizio Nastasi who, after many years of experience in post-production and VFX for feature films and commercials, wanted to create a new reality using the collaboration of several respected professionals. The company aims to become a point of reference for production companies in the Piedmont area of Italy through the provision of services that accompany and optimize the entire production process:   - during the breakdown of the script (for the evaluation of VFX),   - implementing Previz and Techviz 3D in the most complex shots,   - on set (with the generation of digital dailies and Cloud dailies, backup copies on LTO, VFX supervision and real-time VFX pre-viewing),   - in post-production with the creation of VFX, editing, color grading (in video and in projection), finishig and mastering (DCP e files).   Imago VFX, thanks to a web-based platform that has contributed to develop, has revolutionized the physical infrastructure of a traditional post-production facility while ensuring the safety and reliability required by our customers.  This technology and all the tools useful for the realization of the different processes are available in the "cloud" for off-site collaborators.  Thanks to these new technologies, a combination of hardware and software, projects can be seen by the most renowned players in the sector wherever they may be located.  In essence, eliminating the physical constraints on a company’s geographical location. A traditional post-production would not be capable of continuous development and innovation as it is restricted by geographical and cultural limitations. The "Cloud" tools in use at Imago VFX allow collaborators to continuously and effectively update their skills through a constant comparison with other social, technical and cultural realities.  Market development is promoted and contributes to the creation of new production scenarios.

Main activity
Post-produzione video, montaggio
Secondary activities
Effetti speciali digitali, computer grafica, animazioni
Established in
Fabrizio Nastasi
Recent works

"Palazzo di giustizia" prodotto da Tempesta.

Last update: 16 October 2019