Sunday night. Alex is an ultras, his team has just lost a game and he goes home empty-headed. He lives with his grandmother in the absence of his parents and sells Rivotril tablets to make some money. It's an evening that doesn't take off, Alex goes down to the basement of his building, to a cellar where several teenagers are gathering. A rap battle is in progress. Nemy is a girl with refined rhymes who dances confidently and sinuously. She notices Alex and seeks his chemistry. Together they cross the night in a stolen car. Two solitudes that recognise each other. Nemy observes Alex greeting his convict father through a burst of fireworks right next to the prison. Their bodies search each other in what seems to be the beginning of a story. Until Alex, unable to handle his own emotions, tries to have sex and becomes aggressive.

Domenica sera is a tale of loneliness and emotional fragility set in a suburb of a big city, Turin, between a prison and a soccer stadium. This is a short story, just a few hours long, about the lives of two teenagers: Alex, a 16-year-old, who, despite himself, has grown up too fast, emotionally fragile and immature; Nemy, a girl who knows how to combine the carefreeness and desires of adolescence with a great self-awareness and limits she does not want to cross. We enter Alex's life with transport and closeness. A life lived on the fringes of legality, between dealing psychotropic drugs and the stadium bleachers, and then we delve into Nemy's world. A world of underground artists who turn basements into stages. A Turin scene, between rap and hip hop, thriving and colorful. The two teenagers are touching each other in a flirtation that could lead to love. But Alex's impetuousness destroys in advance what could have been.

Matteo Tortone, Zelia Zbogar
Matteo Tortone, Zelia Zbogar
Director of photography
Patrick Tresch
Set Design
Carlotta Desmann
Original Music
Ivan Pisino
Cast and characters

Noemi Giuseppina Muoio, Tommaso Gaglianone

Organizzatore generale
Alessandro Carroli
Alessandro Carroli
Eie FIlm, Wendigo Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - dicembre 2023
Carlotta Desmann
Last update: 16 April 2024