Production companies developing particularly relevant feature films, TV movies or TV series may further apply for crew offices and working space inside FCTP Headquarters - according to avaible areas - such as:

1) Blocks 1, 2 and 3
- street level floor (225 or 270 mq), with three separate areas, suited for Costume Department and storage;
- upper floor (100 or 120 mq), one smaller room and one larger room suited for an open space with three offices, usually Production office, Administration and Direction;

2) Blocks 7, 8 e 9:
- street level floor (160 or 180 mq), suited for the Art Department.

All blocks are furnished (desks, chairs, shelves...), and have wi-fi connections, toilets, heating and air-conditioning (only heating in blocks 8 and 9). A cleaning service is also provided.
Details and costs are estimated individually per single project thus guested.

3) parking for film production vehicles.


Head of Production Office
Emanuele Baldino

Production Office
Francesca Barbagallo

Production Office
Lucia Cannone

IT Coordinator
Alfonso Papa

Last update
11 July 2023