Flash Future is an Italian film production, post-production and distribution company with registered office in Rome and administrative office in Turin. Founded in November 2021 by Doc Servizi, Stea, Hypernova, Doc Creativity and Doc Educational, it bases its strength on the widespread presence throughout Italy, thanks to the operational offices of the Doc Network.

For 30 years, the Doc Network has been working in the entertainment world, providing professional products and services in the entertainment, culture, creativity and innovation sectors. Thanks to the competence acquired, the network can support partners, customers and suppliers thanks to a series of integrated services designed for each reality.

• 70 million turnover achieved by our partners 
• 11.000 customers
• 10 Companies 
• 8.000 professional members
• +700 Member abroad
• 33 offices throughout Italy 

Flash Future aims to share experiences and professionalism with authors, directors and cinematographic workers, for the creation of innovative works for the entertainment of the general public. Flash Future is an incubator of ideas and big dreams. It selects innovative projects, based on solid ideas, which tell stories with passion with an identity and original look. 

Production guide is the national database managed by Flash Future. With over 8,000 members from over 30 locations throughout Italy and which allows us to quickly and directly identify professionals in the film and audiovisual fields. Production guide is not just a showcase for workers in the audiovisual world, but an integrated service that also includes the management of the availability of resources, the composition of operational teams for all stages of a film production for other production companies. Professionals constantly profiled, trained and updated on safety. 

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Last update: 11 May 2023