The Riviera Romagnola is the cradle that over the years has hosted contaminations of various kinds: in the postwar period, Americans and Englishmen danced in clubs together with Germans, who until a few years earlier, were adversaries in the world conflict. Later, in the 1980s-1990s, the territory and society embraced young artists from the hip-hop scenes of Turin, Milan, Rome, Bologna and Naples, and who in the years to follow would inspire, influence with a strong acceleration the most innovative art, music, dance, and culture in Italy. 

Buliron is a word that derives from the Romagna dialect and, like Fellini's film "Amarcord", contains many dreamlike and interchangeable meanings. It means merging objects and contexts in a jumble, but it also represents explosive, murky situations and excited voices In Romagna and especially in Rimini, for some generations it also represents something else; Booliron, is in fact the title of an epic song that tells a revolutionary anthem of the young people of the 80s and 90s coming from parts of Italy (Turin, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Naples). Visionaries, controversial artists, characters with huge egos, misunderstood geniuses, each in his own way has drawn a line, set in motion maximum systems, created a shared process that today accompanies aspects of entertainment, music and fashion. 

The posse phenomenon, break dance and graffiti are the ingredients of the documentary and represent the clear examples of what hip-hop has produced in our country. For several years this culture has nourished the language of many generations and, today, it decisively influences the recording market and millions of young people. Since the post-war period, Romagna, like Turin, has always been the point of reference for economic and social recovery. Towards the end of the 1980s, the entertainment engine that was at full speed left little room for more conscious entertainment. Clubs and artistic directors were devoted to a hedonistic and easy-to-consume proposal but something inexplicable happened. Rimini, and all of Romagna, had been the scene of a strong artistic and cultural change that started from below. 

30 years after the Indelebile '94 event, we want to retrace that historical, social and cultural moment. 

Francesco Figliola
Frencesco Figliola, Stefano Serio
Frencesco Figliola, Stefano Serio
Director of photography
Luigi Schiavoni, Davide Piazzolla
Film Editor
Matteo Santi
Original Music
Francesco Figliola
Filippo Moretti, Enrico Zavatta, Giada Alberti, Mirko Guerra
Organizzatore generale
Elisa Giardini
Executive production
Flash Future
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2023
Last update: 15 April 2024