The ADRAMA S.R.L. was founded by four actors and one director, each of whom bring to the company their own diverse experiences and skills in cinema, theatre and production: Vanina Bianco, Alessia Pratolongo, Thomas Tinker, Andrea Zirio and Federico Alotto. The team are committed to research on continuous improvement. Study, work and experience allow us to refine our research comparing ourselves with different aspects of life. As Strasberg says: “Do you want to work on your art? You have to work on your life”; this approach enables us to grow as actors, producers and human beings. The ADRAMA targets are cultural widespread, research and experimentation through the creation of films and plays, new projects conception to promote new dramaturgical talents and artistic collaboration with local and international companies. The ADRAMA S.R.L. has already approached high social value projects, such as “Extravolti – In Defense of the Culture”, jointly developed with Emergency, “L’uomo col cappello” and “I see monsters” two high quality films that gained international recognitions.

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Recent works

I see monsters - Federico Alotto (Ita, 2014, 16:9, 20') / Adrama Srl (To, Ita) / Beverly Hills Film Festival (Best Foreign Film, Best Actor)
The Spirit Chaser - Federico Alotto (Ita, 2016, 16:9, 90') / Adrama Srl (To, Ita) / Beverly Hills Film Festival
Ulysses - Federico Alotto (Ita, 2017, 16:9, 120') / Adrama Srl (To, Ita)
I Vajont - Maura Crudeli (Ita, 2016, 16:9, 52') / Adrama Srl (To, Ita) / Sandalia Sustanibility Festival

Last update: 04 May 2023