Through the gaze and direct experience of three improvisers participating in Pandora, the most popular Italian improv festival, the film narrates those intense and emotionally engaging days. Employing an observational approach to both the performances and non-performative moments, the movie delves into a profound exploration of the human dynamics at play in improvisation. Emerging from the construction of stories without a predefined script, improvisation demands emotional connection with fellow actors on stage, active listening, and the ability to understand and respond to others' emotions, creating an experience of spontaneous and captivating creativity. During the festival days, improvisers from all over Italy and even abroad come together in the same place, and the exceptional nature of the event multiplies those human and emotional dynamics that the film aims to capture and convey.

One of the foundational principles of improvisation is the "Yes, And..." theory, expressing the concept of accepting the proposals of other actors by saying "yes" and adding something of one's own ("and..."). In a free dynamic of narrative, performative, and staging creation, which arises from being in relation with others, from mutual trust, from contemplating the possibility of failure and indeed integrating it into the construction of stories, this "other-oriented" approach is the expression of a culture of inclusion and listening applied to the performing arts. On stage, a group of people, often strangers to each other, engage with their personalities and vulnerabilities. The film aims to explore the possibilities of improvisation as a tool for integration, for building relationships with others, delving into its psychological and relational dimensions within the joyful and vital framework of a theater festival.

Director of photography
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2023
Last update: 04 March 2024