Turin, 1944. While the city is under Nazi occupation, Eva (19) lives in her bourgeois family’s villa, next to the headquarters of the SS Command. The Maletti family is panicked: Eva’s mother is a Jew, although it is a well-kept secret, and her father, Alfonso, who’s the CEO of a warplane factory, is afraid of a scandal. At University Eva falls in love with Alessandro, a guy involved in the Resistance while the Nazi neighbor Rudolf Flot is visibly more and more attracted to her. After the umpteenth attack on his factory, Alfonso starts fantasizing about using Eva as a sort of exchange currency in order to appease Flot.

A raid forces Eva’s lover to flee and, in an extreme attempt to save him, Eva ends up confessing everything to her father. Instead of listening to her daughter’s request for help, Alfonso secretly proposes a manhunt to his Nazi neighbor, in which his unaware daughter should bring them to the rebels’ shelter…


Despite the setting, I was not interested in a historical film as a first step. What caught me the most was witnessing, in action, under the impact of a massive historical contingency, two opposing concepts of the world. Faced with the risk of losing his social standing, Alfonso obsessively tries to plug a leak, using all those around him as pawns; Eva instead tries to overturn an apparently invincible power with the methods of dreamers, aware of the cost that such a revolt can entail, but certain of her infinite power of revolution…

Giulia Cagnina
Giulia Cagnina
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Enrica Capra (Responsabile sviluppo)

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