What happens when our lives are suddenly overwhelmed by violence or war? How can we face a trauma so immense that it seems unimaginable? Psychotherapist Eva Pattis Zoja guides us through an extraordinary journey of overcoming trauma.

A Million Grains of Sand follows the extraordinary journey of psychotherapist Eva Pattis Zoja, who is engaged in emergency interventions. An earthquake in China, the Yazidi genocide, the war in Ukraine. Innovative, nonverbal therapy allows victims to express the unspeakable. As it delves into the unconscious of survivors of global conflicts, the documentary reflects on the nature of psychic trauma and its tendency to be passed on to future generations. At the same time, the film explores Eva's personal heritage, revealing the links between her healing mission and the shadows of the past related to World War II. Through heartbreaking testimonies, moments of vulnerability and surprising revelations, A Million Grains of Sand offers an intimate insight into the power of therapy, memory and human resilience in extreme environments.

Stefano Zoja
Stefano Zoja
Director of photography
Original Music
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Yalmar Destefanis (Animazioni)

Cast and characters

Eva Pattis Zoja

Production Director
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2021
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