A Norwegian fights to create a bike green path in Rome. Contemporary tale along the Tiber River, maximum cloaca and maximum cradle of culture. Sven is a 50-year-old Norwegian who has lived in Rome for 30. He translates Pasolini’s novels into Norwegian. Inside Pasolini's stories, Sven discovers the left bank of the Tiber, from the city to the Ostia Idroscalo where the Italian poet was killed in 1975. Sven wages a war to open a bike path on the left bank of the Tiber (he calls it the Pasolini Path) to connect Ostia to Rome. He has influent enemies: fixers who have built abusive piers for obscure transactions of goods, descendants of the papal nobility, sharecroppers, small mafia bosses, mediocre politicians, disinterested citizens, fake friends. Sven’s allies are: a lonely policeman, a music-loving lawyer, the mayor of Rome, a scary wedding photographer. Is Sven fighting a losing battle? How this war will end will be told by the filming of a troupe who, from Norway, descends to southern Europe to film its compatriot’s battle, getting his boots dirty in the mud on the banks of the Tiber river.

Starting from the merciless lesson of Reichert and Bognar's cinéma-vérité in the Oscar documentary "American Factory", we document a series of facts from which the central theme emerges: Italian society, its evils, its anxieties, mirror of a West confused and terrified of the pandemic. The little man protagonist, a solitary figure, anarchist, lucid analyst, collides with a world of respectability, conformism, distorted power that is responsible for the cultural and civil degradation of society. This sort of Fitzcarraldo armed with a billhook and a sickle, who arrived centuries late in an Italy raped by speculators, faces "the South" to fix himself in a space and time that he already knows is unlikely, to recover, tracing paths that the first rain and the reeds will dissolve, a path bearing the name of Pasolini. In the film, the power that mediocre politicians and businessmen hold and manage is revealed in the "void" of useless apparatuses. Our little story unfolds on the brink of an economic, ecological, urban,anthropological disaster that affects us all.

Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Director of photography
Simone Revoire, Antonio Demma
Film Editor
Beppe Leonetti
Cast and characters

Sven Scheen

Production Director
Monica Repetto
Organizzatore generale
Pietro Balla
Executive production
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
Pietro Balla, Monica Repetto
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2020