Joe, Carlo and Bobo are in their 60s. They have been friends since, in their twenties, they were part of a band: The Boys. After a successful album and a few more records their fame fades away. But the friendship and passion for music have survived everything, even a variety of personal events. Accompanied by Giacomo, younger than them, they continue to play, although they do other jobs. Suddenly, in their life - as Joe becomes a grandfather, Bobo is confronted with his young wife's maternity wishes and Joe has to deal with an illness - an incredible possibility breaks in: JD - a young and very famous trapper - wants to do a remake of their great success. Giacomo - who hides a secret - pushes Joe, Carlo and Bobo to overcome their perplexities, but it is necessary to solve a problem: they must find Anita, the splendid vocalist everyone was in love with and with whom they have lost track for 40 years. The Boys are on the road again, for a new adventure, with the same fun of their twentys.

Davide Ferrario
Cristiana Mainardi, Davide Ferrario
Director of photography
Emanuele Pasquet
Film Editor
Claudio Cormio
Set Design
Francesca Bocca
Costume Design
Cristina Audisio
Original Music
Mauro Pagani
Segretario di edizione
Maria Bisognin
Altri credits

Pier Francesco Coscia (Aiuto segretario di produzione)

Vito Brunetti (Elettricista)

Cast and characters

Neri Marcorè, Marco Paolini, Giovanni Storti, Giorgio Tirabassi, Angela Finocchiaro

Production Director
Cristina Vecchio
Executive Producer
Daniele Morini
Organizzatore generale
Ladis Zanini
Lionello Cerri
Rai Cinema
Lumiere & Co
con il contributo del POR FESR Piemonte 2014-2020-Azione III 3c.1.2 – bando “Piemonte Film TV Fund” (2020); con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e con il Patrocinio della Città di Torino.
Assistente al montaggio
Cristina Sardo
Last update: 12 January 2024