In a desert a man follows the signal coming from the radio he holds in his hand: a voice repeating a sequence of numbers. In another part of the world a girl is walking into a forest, following the signal coming from her radio: again it is a sequence of numbers. Stubbornly seeking the signal source, the girl will end up getting lost , and the fascination with the unknown will overcome her. And someone else will be listening to that fascinating sequence of numbers… The short film was inspired by the original recording of “number stations” by The Conet Project.

Riccardo Chiara, Cecilia Petrucci, Alvise Zennaro
Set Design
Cecilia Petrucci
Original Music
Amos Cappuccio
Paolo Armao (Sound Design)
Altri credits
Alvise Zennaro (Storyboard, Concezione dei personaggi/ Character design, Animazione/Animation)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte