If you believe you can clearly distinguish what is purely “masculine” and what is “feminine”, look at the past and you’ll be in some doubt. A little boy from the the eighteenth century, adorned with face powder and lace, is found in our world and discovers the hard way that, nowadays, his tastes and habits only belong to the female gender. Divided between hairdresser and barber, then lost among the shelves of a toy store, our boy stands up, with graceful ingenuity, against stereotypes and gender bias.

Riccardo di Mario, Lilia Miceli, Anna Peronetto, Sara Tarquini
Film Editor
Anna Peronetto
Set Design
Lilia Miceli, Sara Tarquini (Scenografie/ background design)
Original Music
Fulvio Chiara
Zero DB Studios, Torino (Sound post production facilities) con Paolo Armao, Vito Martinelli (Sound Design)
Altri credits
Riccardo di Mario, Anna Peronetto (Concezione dei personaggi/ Character design) Riccardo di Mario, Anna Peronetto (Storyboard) Sara Tarquini (Art direction, Color script, Compositing) Lilia Miceli (Concept art)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Last update: 07 April 2020