Bruno Lüdke is a laundry boy unfairly accused of 51 murders in Berlin at the times of the nazi twilight. Bonstructed in the form of a counter-enquiry, “The Face of Evil” takes us on a voyage of discovery trough proceedings, photographs, articles and footage reconstructing his true story. As lüdke’s portrait is outlined, transforming him gradually from the ruthless killer into the predestined victim, little by little the hidden dimension of this case is revealed: the obsession (still living to this day) of certain researchers, according to whom the brand of delinquency hides within the human body.

Davide Tosco, Enrica Capra
Davide Tosco, Enrica Capra
Director of photography
Film Editor
Catherine Gouze
Original Music
Umberto Fantini
Guillaume Valeix, Angelo Galeano, Marian Montrup
Altri credits
Silvano Montaldo, Susanne Regener, Marc Renneville (Consulenti scientifici), Bézian (Disegni originali)
Enrica Capra, Serge Lalou
Les Films d’Ici (Parigi, Francia) e Néon Rouge (Belgio)
GraffitiDoc (Torino)
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History Channel Italia - TSR Télevision Suisse Romande – RTBF (Belgio) – SBS (Australia)
GraffitiDoc - Enrica Capra
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