Marco Olmo is the best ultramarathon runner in the world. He runs for more than 160 km non-stop, twenty race hours in the desert of Morocco or up to Monte Bianco, at 2500 m. high.On October the 8th 2008 he will be sixty years old.
Marco is a legend between runners and worldwide enthusiasts. He is a symbol of passion, strenght and clean sport.
Born into a peasant family, when he was twenty he left the country to work in the town’s cement plant . His fate and life have been marked by this choice: still nowadays, notwistanding his sport successes, he defines himself as a “loser”. We will tell the history of this extraordinary man, we’ll follow him during his preparation training for his next (and maybe last) race, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, considered the hardest in Europe.
During this season Marco has faced new injuries he never had before and had to abandon the last Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Is this the end of his career? Will he be able to find other reasons to live and to fight for? And his wife Renata, will she be able to return to an ordinary life, leaving her role as “first lady”? Winners or losers, they will have to face the reality, without races or victories.

For us, Marco Olmo is a romantic hero, his challenge is epic and touching. His love for the mountains and nature, his life of sacrifice and denials, are poetic.
His choice is inevitable: he runs to win again, to keep his hope alive. But this battle is lost from the beginning. The inevitable tomorrow will reach him. He can’t run forever and, maybe starting from now, he can’t win as before.
He will necessarily have to find other reasons to live. His history belongs to everyone, we all feel it as ours. Beautiful things finish, and in that moment you have to be courageous and strong.
Not to stop, or to stop and leave again immediately.

One step beyond.

Visual approach
This will be a cinematographic documentary. The aesthetic, the look and the attention to image will have great importance. The main characters of the movie will be people, faces and also landscapes.
The camera movement will be controlled and precise, even when shooting open landscapes or in following characters. The mood of the documentary will move from the poetic and slow rhythms of work and seasons to the irony of some of the characters. The images of training and interviews with Marco Olmo will mix with the stories of men and women from the whole valley who we will follow during their daily challenges.

Bodà s.n.c.
Founded in Turin in 2007 by the union of four professionals with different experience in advertising, photography and architecture. Bodà is a growing company focused on small interesting works with special attention to quality.
The different skills, sensitivity and passions of its members are used to realize the projects.
Bodà is a communication agency which works with institutions, universities, public and private companies to realise commercials, video clips, short films and documentaries which have taken prizes in international festivals and been broadcast on television.
By telling stories of strong characters and landscapes Bodà’s films have the narrative ambition to document our society through filming the social and cultural transformations of our time.”

Original Music
Alberto Cipolla
Cast and characters
Marco Olmo, Renata Dalmasso
Production Director
Martina Dotta
Organizzatore generale
Martina Dotta
Executive production
Damiano Gravili
Damiano Gravili per BODÀ s.n.c
Boda' (Torino)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - produzione settembre 2008 under 35)
Festival - markets - events

Marzo 2010 10° Piemonte Movie Panoramica Doc (Anteprima Locale)

Selezione ufficiale Trento Film Festival 2011
Menzione Speciale Milano FICTS 2010
Selezione ufficiale Barcellona Film Festival 2010
Premio alla sceneggiatura, Marcarolo Festival 2009

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