Punto Rec Studios is a new concept Factory which operates at national and international level in the field of comprehensive multimedia communication. It is creative, competent, professional, innovative and flexible.
The Punto Rec Studios proposal is original and stands out from those of competitors for the following reasons:

Punto Rec Studios has endeavoured to create a new modus operandi in the communication and multimedia sector by combining in a single facility – the multimedia Factory – different areas of expertise (generally split between: advertising agencies, communication agencies, production companies):
- planning
- creativity
- narration
- video and audio production
- video and audio post-production
A single facility featuring video and audio production and post-production studios (600 sq m) and top-quality technical equipment.

The team
The Punto Rec Studios teams consists of: senior communicators, storyteller, art director, directors, screen writers, digital specialist, post-production editor, video operators, audio operators, 3D editor, project manager, composers, musicians, sound designer. It also avails itself of a well-tested network of collaborators covering the whole of Italy.

Multimedia field offer
Multimedia narratives
Projects and productions for exhibitions and museums
Communication spaces
Immersive environments
Multimedia applications, interactive solutions
Sound paths
Virtual set designs
Corporate Videos
Product Videos
Art and culture films
Area promotion, area-marketing films
Films on urban transformation topics
All-round immersive contents
Virtual reality and augmented reality
Large format production

The video and audio production studios
The facility extends over an area of 600 sq m and is equipped with highly professional technologies, able to satisfy any project and production need.
The studios dedicated to multimedia production contain a studio with green screen for shooting and post-production studios.
In the Audio sector, Punto Rec Studios is among the major studios in Italy in terms of the high quality standards of its services: audio Composition, Production and post-production; Sound design; Recording; Editing; Mix; Mastering; Loudness Control; Dubbing; Scoring session; Voice Over; Sound Effects; Music production.

It regularly collaborates with training centres such as the Turin Polytechnic - Faculty of Sound Engineering and with the DAMS of the University of Turin, developing joint projects and hosting students for training internships; it works for and with the Teatro Regio of Turin, the RAI Symphonic Orchestra of Turin, the Conservatory, the Circolo dei Lettori (Readers’ Circle), the Circolo del Design (Design Circle). It has carried out pilot projects funded by the European Union for the digitisation and restoration of sound documents.
A group of composers and sound designers operates within the facility. In addition, many qualified composers have worked and are working with Punto Rec Studios, both using the recording studios for their own productions and writing soundtracks for films.

Punto Rec's studios are ideal for hosting musicians and orchestras with up to 60 elements. The acoustics have been designed to ensure a warm and clear sound, perfect for every kind of recording, from piano solo to orchestra. The Blu studio is equipped with a NEVE V48-96 in line analogue mixer, Top World Class Recording Console, a 15,000 ansi lumens video projector for synchronous video scoring sessions and an iso-booth.
The Red studio is designed for mixing and mastering both in stereo and 5.1., 7.1. It is to a large extent dedicated to audio production, sound design and dubbing applied to the world of video and soundtracks. It is also a creative laboratory: thanks to the use of synthesizers, dedicated samples and software, producers, arrangers, composers, together with the Punto Rec Studios staff, can create music and effects for the production of all types of sound content: soundtracks for documentaries, films, environment sounds, exhibition paths and museum spaces.

Main production
Secondary production
Main activity
Secondary activities
Colonne sonore (composizione, realizzazione, licensing)
Doppiaggio, speakering
Established in
Italian english french
Marco Barberis
Recent works

Produzioni recenti:

•    Punto Rec Studios ha realizzato con Palomar tutti i contenuti multimediali, audio e video, del Padiglione Zero e del padiglione della Biodiversità di Expo 2015

•    Palomar   Doppiaggio dell’edizione spagnola di “Braccialetti rossi”
•    RAI   “Tango per la libertà” – Scoring session
•    ITV Movie    Doppiaggio delle tre stagioni di “Fuoriclasse”
•    Torino Vocalensemble per "La grande bellezza": choir recording, mix & mastering 5.1


•    Google Cultural Institute: video corporate
•    Studio65 – mostra “Il mercante di nuvole”: audiovisual contents production
•    Skyway Montebianco: 3D