Welcome to Lingotto Studios, the new landmark for film and TV productions in Turin, Italy's first capital of cinema. Located within the prestigious Lingotto complex, it offers an impressive space of 100,000 square metres indoor and outdoor, structured to satisfy every requirement thanks to its four separate pavilions.

Pavilion 1 and Pavilion 3 are adaptable to any need and can be totally darkened, while Pavilion 2 stands out for its unique post-industrial design, to which is added the Oval, with a modern and futuristic feel and exceptional natural lighting.

The large spaces and heights of over 10 metres allow for the staging of TV and film sets and large-size studios. The external areas facilitate access and parking for large vehicles, while accesses and reserved areas guarantee privacy when actors and directors need privacy, even in crowded contexts for concurrent events.

Production offices, areas that can be adapted for storage and catering areas for crew and staff guarantee the necessary comfort and functionality. Moreover, the strategic position of the location, a few minutes from the city centre, offers all the facilities, such as hotels, shopping mall, subway and railway stations.

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Rosella Visconti - rosella.visconti@lingottofiere.it +39 334 6486388 
Valentina Brero - valentina.brero@lingottofiere.it +39 3387333151

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