Based in Italy and Uruguay, We are a Film Service Network that operates in the main strategic hubs: Mediterranean Area and Latin America. CWA has expertise and extensive knowledge in terms of Incentives and Tax Rebate in the regions it covers. This is the key that permits us to be dynamic and flexible in finding the optimum productive solution for every different project with the best price/quality ratio.

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Edoardo Rossi
Recent works

Pajaros _ 2023 _ Prod: Filmax

L’Assistente _ 2023 _ Prod: Disney

Peripheric Love _ 2023 _ Prod: Casa Delle Visioni

That dirty balck bag _ 2022 _ Prod: Bron, AMC, Palomar

American Night _ 2022 _ Prod: Disney

La Volta Buona _ 2020 _ Prod: Lotus

Invisible_ 2019 _ Prod: Magic Production

Summertime _ 2016 _ Prod: Indiana Production

Onda su onda _ 2016 _ Prod: Indiana Production

Un paradiso per due _ 2010 _ Prod: Indiana Production

Last update: 12 December 2023