Flyfood Philosophy ... - We want to be an innovative catering that creates services in which food and set-up are made with the aim of creating emotions and empathy with the public. - We want to offer nutritionally balanced dishes from our culinary tradition using carefully selected raw materials. - We want to have a high degree of attention to environmental sustainability, food intolerances and the containment of food waste - We want to have a corporate style based on transparency, fairness and respect for the customer, for our collaborators and for ourselves. - We want to build a business model based on merit that aims to train and grow our collaborators. - We want to start collaborations with partners who intend to contribute to the development of these shared values.

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Cristina Martini
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Partner B.E.A. Italia 2020 Partner Food Ufficiale Museo del Cinema Partner Food Ufficiale Teatro Regio Inaugurazione TFF 2018/19 Inaugurazione Festiva dei nuovi media Dogliani 2018/19/20/21 Lounge Food Salone del Libro Torino

Last update: 29 May 2023