A small production company born in Turin to produce and distribute animated images and films, giving centrality to CONTENTS. With the intent to create convergences, comparisons and alliances on the issues, to involve different authors, to give space to innovative techniques and experiments. But whether it's cinema, TV series, or special, or series for the Web, or VR program, or social communication, it will always and only be animation. Laura Fiori and Roberta Valliera Priority: - philosophy - art - spiritual research - poetry - female condition - ecology - topical issues and political, social, economic interests. Editorial line What stories do we want to tell? The life of the planet, the relationship with nature, with plants and animals. Personal stories: psychic and spiritual journeys ... The discovery of the soul between psychoanalysis, religion, philosophy. Even stories of unease, of conflict, of diversity, of compassion; even of illness and death ... Stories that have a HEART. Let us think. All types of production: series of various lengths, short films; for: cinema, TV, Web, mobiles. Plurality of styles, of means. Which technological innovation? The one that from time to time will become necessary, if it becomes necessary. Value for money... From the most "poor" and essential animation to the most complex productions.

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Laura Fiori
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1. Web series - Racconti Zen (in produzione)