Fine collects the different souls belonging to the moving image.

We are all linked to the fourth dimension, each obsessed with distilling the real from the artifact. We bend the technique to sublimate the vision. We divide the time to multiply a moment.

Our ideas flow between the meshes of the network, they rest on the walls but do not forget their cathodic origin. For many it is only persistence of the vision for us it is Fine.

We deal with designing and creating video and multimedia content for companies, companies that operate in traditional and web communication.

The range of services includes design, organization, management of technical personnel, product realization, post production and placement.

For several years we have been dealing in parallel with the production of documentary films.

Main production
Secondary production
Music videos
Main activity
Post-produzione video, montaggio
Secondary activities
Effetti speciali digitali, computer grafica, animazioni
Established in
Italian, english
Emilia Roselli
Recent works

Tornare a Casa di Ennio Donato.
Una canzone senza finale di Paolo e Riccardo Sarà.

Last update: 07 July 2023