The Universal Foxy Cultural Association has been active since 2008 ands still operating while the Universal Foxi sals has been active since September 2018 and deals with all-round astisti events, the training of actors and actresses with acting school, diction, theater history, organizes professional training master classes also in English, and is particularly attentive to the training of elements able to speak the English language, given that international productions want actors who perform in English. It produces documentaries, feature, films, short films and fictions, with collaborations from Italian, European and international productions such as France, England and Spain. It organized auditions and casting for production companies looking for actors for their productions in collaboration with the Pienomte Region Film Commission. He aso has to his credit a web radio “ Radio Foxy One “ as well as a web TV “ TV Foxy One “. He intends to open a highly professional school of actors and actresses with a National Academy and then at the end of the Diploma to directive actors to a safe and prosperous artistic career, given that we are able to have prestigious knowledge I n the whole national and international artistic field. The Universal Foxi production house has to its credit award for short films and recognitions of artist value having had the director Carlo Ausino, author and screenwriter of numerous cinematographic works, who died two years ago at his side. 

In addition, the Association promotes courses in: Acting, Actin in English, Diction, Intonation, Theater, Television, Cinema, Operetta, Sing, English ( very important for foreign productions ), Tryout coaching

Main production
Short films
Secondary production
Short films
Established in
Italiano, english, french, spanish
Giuseppe Volpe
Recent works

GLI AMICI? Fiction Italia Orbassano (To) durata 36’ 19” realizzato nel 2008 regia di Giovanni Raso con sottotitoli in inglese

IL SOFFIOLIEVE DELLA STORIA Italia (Orbassano Alpignano Piossasco Volvera) - TO durata 24’ 39” realizzato nel 2009 regia di Carlo Ausino e Giovanni Raso con sottotitoli in inglese

SEMPRE E PER SEMPRE Cortometraggio Italia realizzato nel 2018 (vincitore del terzo premio premiato dal regista Pupi Avanti al premio 50epiù ) per la regia di Carlo Ausino e Giovanni Raso durata 7’17” con sottotitoli in inglese.

MEMORIE Cortometraggio Italia realizzato nel 2019 per la regia di Carlo Ausino durata 6’55” con sottotitoli in inglese

Last update: 04 July 2023