Founded by Ilenia Notarangelo & Luca Gonnelli in 2012, Illo is a world-class design studio operating from beautiful Turin, Italy. We are a very diverse team of 15 people of different nationalities, educational backgrounds and we are, proudly, gender balanced. Pizza, respect and love for design & technology are the things that tie us together.


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Ilenia Notarangelo
Recent works
Walliance Campaign (Italia*, -, 2023) di: Cristina Pasquale & Ilenia Notarangelo
*Diffuso in Francia, Spagna e Italia
Akima (Italia, 2’ 55”, 2020) di: Ilenia Notarangelo
Ikebana (Italia, 29”, 2021) di: Ilenia Notarangelo (Italia, 4 x 3’, 2021) di: Ilenia Notarangelo & Cristina Pasquale
Last update: 17 July 2023