Filmakingfarm is a dynamic production house able to manage a diversity of production demands and situations, being able to rely on a lean internal structure and a network of trusted expertise. Over the years we have produced adverts, corporate videos, national marketing videos and videos for the web, working with major advertising agencies, Italian and international broadcasters, authorities and directly with companies. We conceive and co-produce documentaries in TV series, short and feature film formats. We are specialized in aerial shooting and shots that generally require stabilization.
 Filmakingfarm can count on an internal division called Quidfarm that deals with digital publishing and integrated communication solutions.  Quidfarm is specialized in the creation of tablet apps and allows us to present our video production in the context of cross media communication: video, text and photographs for tablet and general online interactive fruition.  Distribution is all over the world through Apple Store.
 Filmakingfarm also owns two registered trademarks:
 •    Kartomedia, a smart solution to distribute mini DVD video material on normal greeting cards at the cost of an ordinary stamp;
•    VideoImmersivo, a special technique that enables the production of 360° degree video and rendering it navigable to online users.
Filmakingfarm offers its services for aerial shooting, camera cars and in general for filming in difficult conditions and when stabilization is needed.

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Piercarlo Ponchione
Recent works
Deerees, nomadi nei cieli mongoli di Piercarlo Ponchione (Mongolia-Italia, 2011, HD, 52') | Presentato all'Edizione 2011 della Coupe Icare.
Barilla BCFN, cortometraggi realizzati per evento Barilla. Agency: Tarpini Production.
Vent du Sud, format TV realizzato per France 3 Corse - Via Stella.
BlackBerry, spot Web. Agency: Forchets.
QVC, spot Web. Agency: Forchets.
Barilla People, video corporate per evento Barilla. Agency: Tarpini Production.
Idro, il viaggiatore, format tv di 10 puntate, prodotto dalla Byfarm e andato in onda su RAI 5 questa primavera.
Alpitour, prodotti web per il marchio Villaggi Bravo.
A nosto modo, cortometraggio per la valorizzazione della lingua occitana con soggetto i Fratelli De Matteis, campioni mondiali di corsa in montagna., cortometraggi sulle avventure dei contrabbandieri italo-francesi nel dopoguerra.