Byfarm is a company with twenty years of experience, halfway between the agility of a filmmaker and the maturity of a film production company.

Each work corresponds to a narrative process which, from filming to editing, is carried out together with the client, combining his needs with experience and professionalism.

From commercials to social content, from documentaries to corporate videos, Byfarm in its years of experience has been able to adapt to the needs of each customer, traveling all over the world but never forgetting its origins, maintaining strong relationships with local clients.

Thanks to the various workforce (such as cinematographers, sound designers, copywriters, directors, filmmakers, operators, and dronists), it was also possible to organize very different productions.

The company's vision is aimed at optimizing the production and sales processes while trying to evolve year after year, however the aim is not to offer standardized services but “tailor made” them, forging lasting relationships over time. For this reason, the nature of Byfarm coincides with the definition of "digital craftsman", one of the concepts that is part of the company's core values.

Moved right from the start by the need to differentiate its services, Byfarm also specialized in the VR sector, creating two specific brands: Videoimmersivo® and VRBUY®.

Videoimmersivo® is a set of hardware and software capable of recording a video navigable by the user on the internet at 360°, simply by moving the mouse while the linear "projection" of the content is in progress.

The videos are made using a system of multiple cameras positioned radially in such a way as to simultaneously record everything that surrounds the system itself. The individual videos, taken by each camera, are subsequently merged using special software.

With VRBUY®, on the other hand, it has been possible to start virtualization services, positioning the company on a national scale on projects in the tourism, territorial, museum and, in particular, retail and e-commerce fields. Byfarm's added value in this specific field lies in thinking of the VR project not only in technical terms but also in filmic terms, providing a unique immersive experience.

Byfarm therefore plays a fundamental role in communication, positioning itself in cross-media or in the creation of contents of various kinds distributed on different media (social media, web, cinema, TV).

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Piercarlo Ponchione
Recent works
Selmi: macchine per la lavorazione di cioccolato, caffè e frutta secca -  video istituzionale, cliente: Selmi SRL, 2023
Alpitour “Chi Siamo” - video istituzionale, cliente: Alpitour, 2022
Certificazioni Bertolotto n. 7 - spot web, cliente: Bertolotto Spa, 2022
35° Mozzanica -  video istituzionale celebrativo, cliente: Mozzanica, 2022
ORTERRE - web series documentario, cliente: Thimus, 2022
Turisanda Sempre una nuova destinazione. Tu - spot web, Cliente: Alpitour, 2021
Tosa Thamur -  video industriale, Cliente: Tosa Group, 2021
Scribble 5 in 1 - spot web prodotto, cliente: Mondo Giocattoli, 2020
Un Natale stellato sui voli Neos - spot web, cliente: Neos Air, 2020
Work Hard, Win Easy - documentario, cliente: Thimus, 2019



Last update: 06 July 2023