We are a full service audio recording company based in Turin.  Our facilities cater to all types of audio recording, including, but not limited to: advertising, voiceovers, dubbing, audiobooks, podcasts, and all kinds of live music.

Our studio philosophy is to combine the golden age of analogue recording with the convenience and finesse of modern day digital processing whilst not ruling out the possibilities of working exclusively in either domain when needed.

The microphone collection so far consists of a variety from the usual major manufacturers like Neumann Telefunken, Shoeps, Shure, Rhode, AKG, etc.

For nearfield monitoring there is a pair of Yamaha NS-10s and also a pair of Mackie HR824s. Outboard equipment includes many devices from Dbx, Urei, Avalon, Orban, Eventide, etc.

Our studio is based on the 1st floor of the building, this helps us to create a bright and airy atmosphere, with lots of natural light entering through big windows in both the control room and the studio. 

At Officina Sonora Professional Recording Studios we work on many different kinds of projects in which audio plays an important role.  We cast, record, produce and deliver hundreds of talents every year. A well casted voice and a professional voiceover recording is key to a successful and memorable project. Good sound and a clear message is probably the most vital part of modern marketing today.

Main activity
Doppiaggio, speakering
Secondary activities
Colonne sonore (composizione, realizzazione, licensing)
Noleggio e vendita (suono)
Post-produzione audio, missaggio
Established in
Italian, english, french
Marco Cimino
Recent works

L'audio di più di 500 spot Ferrero, Kinder, Fiat, Lancia, Raspini, Citterio, Balocco, Fastweb e di molti filmati industriali. Musiche originali per Rai, Mediaset, La 7, Sky.

Cuori rubati
La revancha
Piccolo amore
Valeria e Massimiliano
Detective per signore

sigle di Rai Radio3, Meteo Italia 1...

Last update: 10 October 2022