It's the big day at Teatro del Sole! Seven young talents are ready to make their debut on the stage of the nation's most important theater. The arrival of famous international director Danilo Della Francesca, hunting for new talents, only increases the adrenaline. But one of the boys is late because he was… bitten by a passerby? Before one can scream "Zombie!", the theater becomes the setting for a horror comedy. A battle between aspiring stars and the living dead takes place on stage.

Theater of the Living Dead is the result of personal experience and a deep passion for the world of theater and genre cinema, particularly the realm of zombies. My training at the prestigious Teatro Stabile in Turin immersed me in an eccentric and vibrant universe, revealing an intriguing yet often misunderstood reality.My desire is to challenge common perceptions of the theater world, often labeled as elitist and closed, partly due to entrenched mindsets among those involved. My dream is to narrate this universe through the fresh perspective of a genre cinema enthusiast, merging two different yet captivating worlds: theater and genre cinema, both aiming to entertain and engage the audience.In this short film, the fusion and contamination of multiple elements aim to create a grotesque and unexpected aesthetic and humor, while also seeking to involve all zombie cinema enthusiasts. I hope to make this project accessible and engaging even during its creation, striving to reach and involve the widest possible audience of genre fans, making the production of the short film a shared and participatory experience.The ultimate goal is to create a unique and distinctive short film, capable of entertaining, stimulating, and taking the viewer on an exciting journey through the fusion of two seemingly distant yet richly narratively and emotionally potent worlds.

Riccardo Livermore
Riccardo Livermore
Riccardo Livermore, Giulio Maria Cavallini, Francesco Tosco
Director of photography
Federico Meneghini, Ludovico Casalone
Altri credits

Niccolò Gioia (Animazioni); Emanuele Plicato, Edoardo Toso, Nicolò Siffredi (Computer grafica)

Cast and characters

Sax Nicosia, Davide Livermore, Andrea Triaca, Olivia Manescalchi, Josef Gjura, Marial Bajma Riva, Federica Quartana, Alessio Del Mastro, Maria Grazia Solano, Roberto Briatta, Alfonso Genova

Organizzatore generale
Margherita Morello
Riccardo Antonio Silvio Antonino
Last update: 06 June 2024