The documentary narrates the events that have been unfolding since 1999 on two boats of two families, expert eel fishermen for generations, who live on an urban stretch of the Tiber (GRA, South). Cesare and Alfredo, known as 'Rosci' (the Red ones), wage war for control of the river with Nando and Franco, known as 'Ciccioni' (the Fat ones), who live with their mother, Sor Irene. After the initial rivalry, we will see how over time the two families will make peace, breaking the old rivalry, and when Sor Irene's children die, it will be the Rosci who will take care of her. Equally indicative of the unpredictability of the development is the arrival of Anwar from Bangladesh, who begins his journey as the Ciccioni's helper and then takes over their float and becomes the new God of the River.

The challenge this film faces is to be able to work with time and make emblematic a story of several decades of invisible people, living on the margins, whose action takes place in a single unit of place. An internal, empathetic look at a disappearing culture and a new one emerging. A tale that tries not to indulge in folkloristic shortcuts but tells a true life, flowing like the river and coexisting with the watery element until it becomes part of it. It is a story of rivalry, friendship and humanity told over a very long period of time, and which, through internal and external changes, composes a unique story.

Angelo Loy
Angelo Loy
Angelo Loy
Director of photography
Angelo Loy, Danae Elon (fotografia 16mm)
Film Editor
Shervin Zinouzi, Aline Hervé (Supervisione)
Angelo Loy, Fabio Santesarti (suono 16mm), Mirko Guerra (post-produzione suono)
Altri credits

Andrea Lucietti (Coordinatore di produzione)

Executive production
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione dicembre 2023
Assistente alla regia
Tomer Shani
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