On the French-Italian border, Malick, Sara, Jessie and other young people come from all over Europe to live in abandoned olive groves in the hinterland’s mountains. They are part of a collective that supports migrants who seek to cross this border. Living in tents, they joyfully experiment in solidarity, with other forms of social organization on the fringe of capitalist society. In the evening, by the fire, migrants and activists share stories and their dreams. Their worldviews are matched. As the seasons go by, the complexity of these encounters, the dissensions within the group and activist burn-out challenge their utopias.

For two years, we have been living near the French-Italian border to develop Par delà les montagnes. We were privileged witnesses to the daily life of a group of young people trying to live alternatively to the contemporary economic system. Immersed in the heart of their utopia, we also observed their contradictions. What happens when young migrants looking for a better future in Europe meet with young activists who precisely question this Europe and wish to make up a new world? Their different dreams deeply interrogate our societies and their promises. With this film we aim to depict a disparate and complex youth, and wish to explore a poetic cinema to tell their quest for freedom.

Manon Ott, Gregory Cohen
Manon Ott, Gregory Cohen
Manon Ott, Gregory Cohen
Film Editor
Pascale Hannoyer, Fabio Bobbio
Giovanni Corona, Sebastiano Caceffo
Altri credits

Simona Caldera (Traduttrice)

Cast and characters

Rafael Campagnolo, Farog Ali Adam, Hamed, Francois Cousin

Production Director
Mavi Calcinotto
Organizzatore generale
Joseph Sacuto
Celine Loiseau, Chiara Andrich
TS Productions, Ginko FIlm
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione dicembre 2023
Last update: 05 March 2024