West of Bucharest another Romania exists.
In Turin Magdalena tells the story of her fellow nationals to find herself again.

In a multi-ethnic Turin, Magdalena Lupu narrates the events of her fellow citizens via the pages of Obiectiv, the Romanian immigrants’ paper. At the local outreach group for immigrants, “Gruppo Abele”, she sees the film  “Trevico – Torino” by Ettore Scola during an evening organised by Diego Novelli, co-author of the story. The bitter portrait of the southern Italians, conscripted by Fiat to work on the assembly line, shakes her conscience. For the young journalist it’s time to use a tool she’s only too accustomed to, one more powerful than writing to describe the dramas of the unfortunate ones who from Romania came to Italy to “die of work”. Helped by the former mayor of Turin, Diego Novelli, who sees in her a young talent to encourage, she obtains a video camera to gather witness accounts and bring to the surface the absurd story of the death of Dani, who drowned in the city sewers in the summer of 2006. She tenaciously goes through with her inquiry to the very end, but the search for truth is not the only reason pushing her to go beyond: her heart conceals an unconfessed secret which is also soon to surface. Her desire for knowledge will lead her to Ettore Scola, who, with the power of images, has shown her the path to take to begin a search of herself.

Alejandro de la Fuente
Alejandro de la Fuente, Marco Casa
Alejandro de la Fuente, Marco Casa
Director of photography
Giancarlo Franceschetti
Film Editor
Paolo Campana
Original Music
Fabio Barovero
Dan Solo, Ezra, musiche romene
Cast and characters
Magda Lupu (Maria Magdalena), Giovanni D'Amelio (Gianni), Diego Novelli, Laura Goldan, Iulian Frincu, Ettore Scola, Cristian Gaita, Maria Mihalcea, Don Luigi Ciotti.
Production Director
Marco Casa
Organizzatore generale
Alejandro de la Fuente
Logical Box e Fabula Film
Atacama Film (Torino)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo settembre 2007 - produzione aprile 2008 under 35 - post produzione settembre 2008) e del Programma MEDIA della Comunità Europea
Collaborazione alla sceneggiatura
Giancarlo Franceschetti e Diego Novelli
Festival - markets - events

- marzo 2010 10° Piemonte Movie Panoramica Doc (Anteprima Nazionale)

Atacama Film
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