Deniz (36), in Turkey is an activist who runs social pages with millions of followers and is also a well-known DJ: all his nights, in front of hundreds of people, end with the song Bella Ciao. In 2012 he was accused of being part of a cyberterrorist group and has been persecuted by the Erdogan government ever since: from the Gezi Park protests to the last general elections, Deniz is always on the front lines, and only after a friend of his is killed and a paper bomb explodes in front of his parents' house does he realize he can no longer stay. Thus begins his journey along the Balkan route: a succession of loneliness and rocambolic, mystical, and symbolic actions. His destination is Norway, but after months of travel he finds himself locked up in the Immigration detention center in Turin. He comes out on hunger strikes and, with the constant hope of being able to return to relatives and friends in Turkey, begins to put the pieces together for a future in Italy. After four years, however, hopes are few, money zero and loneliness many, although one dream remains lit: to start playing music again.

There is a sentence that I have been carrying around for a while now and that accompanies my research work: "between the man and the citizen there is a scar: the foreigner." When I met Deniz in Turin I recognized that scar, because on some occasions it has also been mine. In continuity with the themes already dealt with in previous works, with the conviction that the film has an international scope and multiple interesting storytelling possibilities, putting myself in search of new frames and boundaries, we decided to tell Deniz's past and present to shed light on a little-known migratory flow (Turks fleeing Turkey) and a story that shows the countless difficulties one faces when one is far from one's country of origin, with an intimate look at the dreams that one does not give up, despite everything.

Giuseppe Bisceglia
Giuseppe Bisceglia, Francesco Giugiaro
Giuseppe Bisceglia, Francesco Giugiaro
Director of photography
Film Editor
Cristina Monti
Cast and characters

Deniz Pinaroglu

Executive production
Valentina Noya
Valentina Noya
Notte Americana
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2023
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