Giorgio (39) and Silvia (28) have just discovered a natural paradise on the Pacific coast of Mexico. They are madly in love with each other, and everything seems perfect. Here the tides are so strong that the landscape changes continuously: one day it is an archipelago of islands, another day it forms pools in the dunes, the next day everything turns into a desert. Nothing is ever the same. In the face of so much magmatic change, as if the landscape was the mirror of their souls, Giorgio and Silvia slowly begin to lose their sense of identity. But while Giorgio sees this as an opportunity to erase the past and start over, Silvia gradually feels all the certainties she used to have collapse. In this place where the inside and the outside are mixed, they begin to engage in a fight for survival and self-affirmation. Just one word of love would be enough to understand each other, but silence has taken over.

In Human | Animal I explored our identity as human beings in relation to animals, death and destiny. In Under the Tide I want to ask myself how we define ourselves in relation to others and what remains once circumstances strip us of every element through which we build our identity. There will be space for memories and dreams of the protagonists, which will help shed light on their motivations, their deep drives, their unconscious desires. As Tarkovskij and Fellini said in different ways, if we dedicate a third of our days to sleep, how can we not incorporate dreams into our films? Especially since cinema is the art that best lends itself to approaching the language of dreams.

In this film I wish to explore the aesthetic possibilities of the ultra-panoramic 2.35:1 format, to make the characters disappear into the landscape, in a game of mirrors based on the alternation of shots and reverse shots. The electronic music will be inspired by the work of Stephan Micus, and created with hypnotic songs and ethnographic instruments. These stylistic elements will help the viewers to immerse themselves in a story in which images of the protagonists' past, photographs of their journey, thoughts expressed aloud converge, in a timeless present.

Altri credits

Greta Nordio (Coordinamento sviluppo).

Daniele De Cicco, Daniele Segre
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - dicembre 2023
Last update: 08 May 2024