Sergio Marchionne - Confessions of a Capital Junkie is the story of the greatest Italian CEO. He is appointed in a desperate situation, in which the auto company FIAT is technically bankrupt. But thanks to a formidable intelligence and total dedication, Marchionne manages to reverse the odds of the Italian auto industry, merging FIAT with Chrysler, thus forging one of the biggest global automotive groups. All this, however, at the cost of his own life. The reckless habit of smoking, the cause of the cancer that will kill him, is the perfect metaphor for a man who burns himself in the name of capital.

With Sergio Marchionne - Confessions of a capital junkie we see the possibility of creating a captivating and successful television product that stages the life of one of the best known CEOs of our time. But under this very catchy proposition we also want to address a deeper and more contemporary theme: does it still make sense to focus our lives on professional identity only? Or is it a tragically limited perspective? Marchionne's story is a "cautionary tale": the story of a man who burned himself in the name of profit, sacrificing what he held most dear, including his own life.

Ariens Damsi, Roberto Amoroso
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Ariens Damsi (Responsabile sviluppo)

Ariens Damsi
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - giugno 2023
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