Against the backdrop of the Belle Époque in Turin, the epic of the four-wheeled cars begins. Emanuele di Bricherasio is the young scion of a noble family with vast wealth. Fascinated by new mechanical inventions, his dream is to build an all-Italian automobile and establish a new industry. A few blocks away, a young entrepreneur is driven by the same ambition: his name is Giovanni Agnelli.

Emanuele's best friend is a cavalry officer, Federigo Caprilli, who, amidst various love affairs, finds time to revolutionize the world of equestrianism. Emanuele's dreams seem to come true when he establishes the F.I.A.T. (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) in his Turin palace. At the last moment, Agnelli joins as a partner, and step by step, he becomes the CEO of the new company, pushing Emanuele to the sidelines. Furthermore, on October 3, 1904, at the age of only thirty-five, Bricherasio dies under mysterious circumstances.

F.I.A.T., the largest Italian industrial enterprise, has been linked since its inception to the Agnelli family, starting with the founder of the dynasty: Senator Giovanni Agnelli. But was this legendary captain of industry truly the driving force behind that extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure? Or in the folds of history, which is always narrated by the victors, is there someone who was sucked into the black hole of oblivion?

In a famous painting immortalizing the moment of F.I.A.T.'s establishment, a plaque reads: "Count Emanuela Cacherano di Bricherasio, the creator and advocate of the first Italian automobile factory, on July 1, 1899, embarks on the courageous and fruitful enterprise, gathering the founding partners of F.I.A.T. in his palace."

Little is known, and even less is remembered, about the person who worked the hardest for the foundation of F.I.A.T. His life - and especially his death - is shrouded in mystery. This documentary aims to be a small reparation to his memory.

Director of photography
Claudio Zamarion
Assistant Director
Martina Biagi
Production Director
Matteo Laguni
Organizzatore generale
Andrea Rapallini
Executive production
Andrea Rapallini
Andrea Rapallini
Materiali Sonori
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2023
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