The futuristic, dystopian scenario delivers a world redrawn by rising seas, where humanity has taken refuge underground. Digging machines search for pockets of fresh water: the only resource for producing food in indoor vertical greenhouses. The few remaining arable lands are monocultures of a mysterious Sovereign. But at the edge of the world, on sheer cliffs and inaccessible peaks, some farmers, holders of an ancient knowledge, preserve semi-extinct crops waiting for the waters to recede.

The 180° 3D VR film "Food Heroes" is a work about extreme and resilient agriculture, a 'work with a militant slant with respect to food issues and the relationship with the Earth and its resources, anchored in reality but written with a visionary and highly innovative language. The documentary, shot in real places and with real characters, will lead the viewer through a narrative voice into the dreamlike and fantastic universe of heroic farmers.

Sea levels will rise 30cm by 2050: in Italy it will mean constant flooding and the disappearance of cities and over 200km of coastline. Catastrophic scenarios that can happen if we do not rethink our lifestyle and food production. Thanks to VR and original visual language, we aim to create imagery that is drawn from the real stories and struggles of "heroic" farmers: extreme agriculture, for new models of food production, enhancement of territories and protection of biodiversity. A new food model that must be supported and enhanced. These authentic and conscious farmers are new heroes in the collective imagination. Thus, using the power of immersive storytelling, the classical patterns of myth, and the archetypes of the hero's journey, the values and development models of opposition to industrial agriculture are conveyed. Pedagogy through myth, the imaginative vision to stay anchored in reality and rethink the future.

Stefano Conca Bonizzoni
Stefano Conca Bonizzoni
Stefano Conca Bonizzoni
Director of photography
Film Editor
Vito Martinelli (Sound Designer)
Production Director
Francesco Dragone
Organizzatore generale
Francesco Dragone
Executive production
Valentina Noya
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - giugno 2023
Last update: 25 September 2023