Sora is a sleepy young worker who must stay awake; her depressed father sleeps all the time. Sleep weighs on both, especially when the man decides to sleep forever.

There are two very unpleasant sensations associated with the state of sleep. The first is not being able to sleep when you need to; the second when you always sleep and you can't get up. Sleeping can be a luxury, a waste, a resource, a waste of time, a privilege, a salvation. Sleeping is many things but in this film, in both cases of the characters, it’s a boulder from which it’s difficult to free oneself. "Elephant Sleep" wants to propose a reflection not only on current issues such as insomnia and depression typical of contemporary work lifestyles, but also on the model of society that those lifestyles produce.

Isabella Gallo
Isabella Gallo
Isabella Gallo
Director of photography
Filippo Marzatico
Original Music
Paolo Peyron
Organizzatore generale
Executive production
Mattia Puleoi
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - giugno 2023
Last update: 25 September 2023