Marco Marchisio, also known as Berry, is one of the few Italian escapologists and was one of the most well-known and eclectic faces of Berlusconi's TV during the '90s and 2000s. His success began with "Le Iene," one of Italy's longest-running programs, and made Berry's bald head and his "Yahoo!" two icons linked to entertainment, investigation, and the world of magic.

A brilliant career for an eccentric personality, sometimes too much so, who, in the desire to go overboard, sacrificed almost everything he had. Today, Berry is on the verge of turning 60, has seen most of his assets drain away and abandoned his latest projects; he lives in the family home next to the magic tricks from his golden period and surrounded by his collection of rarities on Houdini, which could soon go up for auction. It is at this moment that the magician must realize his greatest trick ever: to restart his career.

This project stems from the meeting of two authors with completely different skills and backgrounds. Francesco Di Giorgio is a TV and music video director, while Giovanni Buccomino is a documentary author. The intention is to weave a story, combining completely different themes, if not opposite, making them resonate with each other in unexpected ways.

Magic and TV, success and failure, esoteric Turin and the Turin ‘capital of science’, are the ingredients of a documentary that goes beyond the story of the character Berry and his journey, and borders on a pop work, at times experimental. Behind the more formal aspect is the story, with its themes and content; a story where the understanding of oneself, of one's own value, is what determines true success, beyond any professional failure. The intention behind this story is to inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams.

Giovanni Buccomino, Francesco Di Giorgio
Giovanni Buccomino, Francesco Di Giorgio
Giovanni Buccomino, Francesco Di Giorgio
Director of photography
Sandro Chessa
Cast and characters

Marco Berry

Executive production
Barbara Simone Roberti
Barbara Simone Roberti
A' Bout de Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2023
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