Aldo Moro was kidnapped on 16 March 1978 by the Red Brigades in a brutal attack where the five men of the escort were killed and after 55 days of captivity he was assassinated. Almost fifty years after the tragedy, we retrace the story through the human and personal drama of the protagonists to seek new interpretations of the dilemma that tore all the actors in the field. After many cinematographic interpretations, numerous journalistic reports and insights, L'affaire Moro takes shape in an organic documentary film, through the testimonies of the protagonists who intersect with the extraordinary repertoires of the time, primarily television, which follows with long and dramatic live shows the evolution of the case, representing fears and contradictions of a society that is rapidly changing: the “years of lead” will soon be behind us but the unsolved of that drama are still present in our history.

55 Days is a television documentary designed for the general audience with attention to rigorous historical perspective, narrative originality, creative use of archives and unpublished testimonies.

The Moro affair was one of the most intense moments of crisis in our recent past. A story that is still alive in public opinion, as recently demonstrated by the controversies following Marco Bellocchio's series “Esterno Notte”. On the one hand, reason of state and ideologies, on the other the human drama of the protagonists and their deep feelings, were the pulsating engine of the story, in which the choices, sometimes painful, sometimes cynical, sometimes moving, have shaped the course of this tragic story. Today there is an urgency that cannot be postponed: many of the protagonists have in fact disappeared and there are few witnesses of the period who are still alive. It is a question of collecting a fundamental historical memory for understanding our country, which, otherwise, risks disappearing forever.

Fabrizio Galatea, Ilaria Sbarigia
Film Editor
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Ilaria Sbarigia (Archive Researcher & Producers)

Organizzatore generale
Executive production
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2022
Last update: 09 March 2023