A garden that looks like heaven on earth, a new adventure, a different perspective: with the excitement of change, a new stage in life begins. But with the arrival of autumn, the garden loses leaves and uncovers imperfections and flaws, manifesting all the melancholy of lost time and an uncertain future. Will it keep the promise to blossom again?

Big changes in life bring about the hope of a positive turn and a regeneration.When the authors decided to move from Milan to the Piedmont countryside, to a house immersed in a rural landscape, far from city comforts and services, they imagined a renewal, a place to build new relationships and projects, a garden to grow with care. But emotional changes don't always suddenly find room in physical spaces, it takes time and adjustment, we need to find strong and determined allies. Opening our own home and welcoming the future, without fear and prejudice, will help the garden to flourish again and its inhabitants to embrace change.

Mirko Locatelli, Giuditta Tarantelli
Mirko Locatelli, Giuditta Tarantelli
Mirko Locatelli, Giuditta Tarantelli
Organizzatore generale
Mirko Locatelli, Giuditta Tarantelli
Executive production
Paolo Cavenaghi
Officina Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2022
Last update: 11 September 2023