The series is inspired by the events of Armando Spatafora, the "policeman with Ferrari", as defined by the newspapers of the time, when his fame exploded to make him a star of the Dolce Vita. Determined to find the killer of a well-known Italian-American press agent, Spatafora will be able to enter the dark corners of the Roma Bene, between Via Veneto and Cinecittà. Unlike others, he will see the connections, the network that holds this Rome and the other together: the popular, violent and Pasolinian Rome. Such as Borgata Gordiani, the neighbourhood where the gang held responsible for the murder lives. But around Spatafora Italy is changing, old values give way to individualism, corruption and building abuses, and fighting crime in the car given to him by Enzo Ferrari is his personal way of leaving a mark, in a complex city where thieves and criminals hide both in wild neighbourhoods and behind suits and ties. Spatafora soon finds his nemesis, the so- called "Hunchback of Borgata Gordiani", who is putting the city to fire and sword. The problem is that Spatafora doesn’t know that the real name of the Hunchback is Rosa. The most wanted criminal in Rome is a woman.

The “Dolce Vita” is now a famous brand in the world, and giving it new life through seriality is an exciting challenge. Doing so through the gaze of a figure that truly existed, who had an intense relationship with that environment, also allows us to tell of today's Italy too, thanks to a verisimilitude that rests on a solid noir structure, a perfect genre for investigating the light and shadow of such a deep and layered setting.

Umberto Spinazzola
Carmen Spatafora
Edoardo Carboni, Daniele Morelli, Umberto Spinazzola
Altri credits

Alessandro Borrelli (Responsabile sviluppo, Produttore crativo)

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