A 10 episodes 2D frame by frame animated short film, telling brief but great stories of choices and changes. Is the web a trap from which we can escape or isn't it? Is there room for sentiment in a sea of plastic? Can we be ourselves, apart from the gender with which we identify? What can young people do to stop war, apart from dream? What influence does the continent in which we happen to be born have on our lives? What would a superhero do to solve the problems of traffic congestion and smog? When will we start to understand that every photo or video that we post online will be there forever and may have devastating consequences? Can our imagination help ecological transition and contribute to the fight against climate change? What are people who are really hungry willing to eat? Would we change our habits if we had the magical ability to see the process our food undergoes before arriving on our table?

Starting from the successful experience of Phonetrip, a short animated film (1.25”) which aroused interest in the Italian and international festival circuit, the talent of the young director Miriam Muraca is confronted with the creation of a short film to convey a reflection on the important contemporary issues of the 2030 agenda, citizenship and digital education. A product intended for multi-channel diffusion in the festival circuit, on educational platforms and on social channels.

Miriam Muraca
Enrico Cersauolo, Miriam Muraca
Enrico Cersauolo, Miriam Muraca
Film Editor
Isabela Doriana Giurgiu
Original Music
Altri credits

Miriam Muraca (Animazioni)

Executive production
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - dicembre 2022
Last update: 23 May 2024