Earthquake is a child like any other, but in his blond helmet and his six years of age, he still has difficulty holding back his deepest impulses. This nickname was given to him by his teacher precisely because sometimes, he seems to explode like a telluric phenomenon. Without warning he overwhelms the world around him. It is precisely the metaphor of the earthquake, as a natural event, that will accompany us in a parallelism in recounting his feelings: what happens before the earthquake, how the tremor manifests itself, and what it leaves behind. We will go underground to the depths of the soul to understand how these primordial drives are made and where they come from. A journey that seeks to delve into this fundamental moment of growth in which children try to transform their instinctive drives into codified feelings that everyone can understand. Earthquake struggles more than others to channel his overflowing energy and this is his story.

What is this brutal energy that one cannot hold back? What happens in a child's mind when the depths of his soul are shaken? There is a part of childhood when our emotional sphere is still under construction. With this short film, I want to tell the story of this moment when we try to find a channel to encode the impulses that seem to take hold of us. With an impartial observer's eye, I want to tell the story of a child struggling to find a way to manage them using the metaphor of an earthquake. A primordial force that comes from the depths and explodes within the earth without warning, invisible to the eyes of the observer from the outside. Animation is the perfect medium to represent this. It takes us on a journey that includes both the world of the child and the abstract and profound world of emotions. A short film that puts us alongside the protagonist in the painful acquisition of his character.

Massimiliano Di Lauro
Massimiliano Di Lauro
Massimiliano Di Lauro
Film Editor
Lorenzo Latrofa
Altri credits

Milena Tipaldo, Giulia Landi, Lorenzo Latrofa, Giovanni Lopalco (Animazioni); Matteo Mari (Coordinamento post-produzione).

Executive production
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - dicembre 2022
Last update: 12 January 2024