We are in the Italian ballroom scene and Kiki House of Savoia dominates the runways of Turin. A family where you can be yourself and fully express your sensuality and identity. Celeste (21), Giorgia (30) and Letizia (23) mingle in this arena. Here, to the irresistible rhythm of performance and dance, they became sisters. They are bounded by the same understanding: as cisgender women, they are guests in the ballroom world. And yet, it is here that they have found a safe space where they can be masters of their own bodies without judgment or prejudices. Now that the trip to Paris, European Mecca of the Ballroom, is approaching, they will be forced to confront a much more competitive scene. A journey that will make them grow and ponder on the choices they must make for their future. A documentary about the relationship between three girls and their own bodies, a journey through their awareness and self confidence.

When we came across Kiki House of Savoia in 2017, we gathered straight away the political value and the aesthetic power of the contemporary ballroom scene (inspired by the ballroom culture that emerged in 1980s New York from the desire for redemption of the Latino and African-American LGBT community). After spending time with the members of the house, we decided to focus our storytelling on an intimate vision. In particular, we empathized with Giorgia, Letizia and Celeste, the girls of the family. In the international ballroom scene, cisgender women are considered guests and cannot properly be part of the community. Now the scene is opening up to welcome women too, especially in Italy. Giorgia, Letizia and Celeste consider ballrooms a safe place where to express their identities, bodies and sexuality. Shooting this documentary means to send a cultural and political message. We are citizens of a country full of prejudices and stereotypes. The ball culture shows a way to break the mould.

Beatrice Surano, Dunja Lavecchia, Morena Terranova
Beatrice Surano, Dunja Lavecchia, Morena Terranova
Beatrice Surano, Dunja Lavecchia, Morena Terranova
Director of photography
Beatrice Surano, Dunja Lavecchia
Film Editor
Morena Terranova
Original Music
Pietro Cavassa
Elisabeth Armand, Davide Santoiemma, Fedrico Paccotti, Marco Montano
Altri credits

Mattia Puleo (produttore delegato); Martino Pellion Di Persano (collaborazione alla fotografia); Zelia Zbogar, Sarah Bianchi (Script Editor); Massimo Viale (Consulente musicale); Andrea Maguolo (Color)

Cast and characters

Letizia Nacci, Giorgia Oliverio, Celeste Borgialli

con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2020 / produzione giugno 2022
Assistente al montaggio
Anastasyia Shostak