Pellizza da Volpedo is an in-depth and fascinating biographical story dedicated to the personality and work of Piedmontese artist who was one of the greatest pointillist painters. Thanks to the collaboration with the Pellizza da Volpedo Association, we do have access to all the numerous documents and images relating to the artist's life. The exclusive contribution of important private collectors also allows us to have Pellizza’s authentic masterpieces, hidden for years from great audience. A charismatic actor will be our narrator; with his interpretative skills he will vouch the film an additional communicative andexpressive value. The historical and scientific narration will be entrusted tointerviews with authoritative personalities such as Aurora Scotti (art historian), Pierluigi Pernigotti (historian of Volpedo), Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (director of Castello di Rivoli), Paola Zatti (curator of the Modern Art Gallery in Milan).

The film will also be an opportunity to tell and discover the enchanting Volpedo, where the painter has live, set most of his works and is buried.

Pelizza da Volpedo is a great artist, one of the greatest modern italian painters, but who today needs to be discovered and valued again. His most famous painting, "The Fourth Estate" still makes people talk about it today and remains one of the most important and famous iconographies of our contemporary.

At the same time, the huge force of the painting and its universal message, on the one hand, and the fact that many of his most important paintings have not been seen in public for decades on the other, means that Pellizza's perception of art has been limited to this work only. Even on the internet it is difficult to find a good reproduction of this paintings belonging to private collections; a serious shortcoming since they are absolute masterpieces where the pictorial expression makes a wonderful synthesis between classical technique and a decidedly poetic and modern expression and gaze. His representations of fleeting but intense moments of human life still enchant the viewer. Making a documentary today about Pellizza da Volpedo, which reveals the greatness of his art unknown to most, becomes fundamental and contemporary.

Francesco Fei
Francesco Fei, Consuelo Moschellla
Francesco Fei, Consuelo Moschellla
Director of photography
Original Music
Luca Borgia
Production Director
Gabriella Manfrè
Executive production
Consuelo Moschella
Francesco Fei
Apnea Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2022, produzione dicembre 2022
Last update: 03 March 2023