Lucio is 28 years old. He lives in the back of the tyre shop, where he works. It has become his whole world, by now: a garage and an asphalt forecourt along the road, at the edge of town. His routine is broken when, for a series of circumstances, he has the occasion to leave with Hassan, an aged moroccan man, who trades used tyres under-the-table. Hassan needs a bodyguard, to take a Jeep from Torino to the Sahara desert, in order to sell it to the Bedouins.

Note: in Khpuribga, central Morocco, the term grisun indicates some sort of bodyguard for both people and goods, someone who gets hired by merchants for the whole duration of a journey so they can get protection from brigands, while crossing the remotest areas of the Country.

Grisun tells the journey of two men, a young italian and an elderly moroccan, to take a Jeep from Turin to the Sahara desert. The initial idea came to me from a true story, thea I heard in Morocco, while shooting my latest work, the documentary "Life in Between", This idea stimulated me to continue in a work of fiction, "Grisun", the discourse on identity tha began with "Life in Between".

Lucio, the young italian grisun, is a fluctuating identity, in the sense that he experiences the dissatisfaction of a life constrained within a society that makes him uncomfortable and in which he has never really found himself.

Hassan is a man divided between two worlds. His experience as an emigrant did not lead him to a safe haven. His identity is fluctuating as well, and circular: as in ancient myth, his destiny is to return to the starting point. In the marginal context in wich Lucio finds himself, living his routine, the perspective offered to him by Hassan represents a chance to break the existential condemnation and set out on an initiatory journey, at the end of wich perhaps he will be ready to finally acquire and identity, once he is freed of all the legacies and residues that the starting society left stuck on him.

Altri credits

Francesca Frigo (Responsabile sviluppo)

Francesca Duca
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - giugno 2022