It is difficult for me to talk about this story, my story.
I grew up with my mother, without a father.
A bastard.
At the age of 35, I found my father and discovered that he had murdered political opponents during the dictatorship in Chile.
Unrecognized son of a police chief during the Pinochet dictatorship, I embarked on a 14-years journey to find him and confront him.
I filmed every moment.
During this trip, I searched for and met the children of my father's victims. I also looked for and met my peers whose fathers committed murders on behalf of the regime.
My experience evolved into a project to recover memory, truth and justice in a country unable to deal with its dark past, where most of the political crimes are still unpunished. Impunity has been granted to most of them.
This is a story of betrayal, for some, of nobility, for others.

Bastard, the Legacy of a Criminal offers insight into the Chilean post-dictatorship patriarchy and how we cam collectively take responsibility for the historical legacy of murder and human rights violations to build a sustainable and equitable future for all.

The injustices I explore here are not just of the past, but rather those of an open wound, which at a closer look, reveal the ongoing crimes in Chile and many other parts of the world.

Moreover, many of the perpetrators and accomplices are still alive today.

The missing are still missing and the discendants of the torturers and murderers who today can say that the crimes must end here, are living proof that the plan to bury the truth has failed.

I have no interest in cover-up plans disguised as reconciliation.

And it is here that I find hope.

Bastard, the Legacy of a Criminal delves into ethics, the responsibilites of politics, reparation and the transmission of memory to the new generations. It addresses burning issues that are at the center of the numerous revolts, demostrations and riots that still break out today in Chile and in the world.

José Luis Navarrete Rovano
José Luis Navarrete Rovano
José Luis Navarrete Rovano
Director of photography
Pablo Valenzuela
Film Editor
Juan Eduardo Murillo
Original Music
Alekos Vuskovic
Altri credits

Milena Zulianello (Contratti e agibilità); Elena Filippini, Edoardo Fracchia (Adattamento dialoghi); Zenit Arti Audiovisive (Sottotitoli, riversamenti Archivi); Andrea Filippini (Promozione e distribuzione).

Production Director
Clara Taricco, Maria Antonia Valenzuela
Organizzatore generale
Elena Maria Filippini
Executive production
Totorial Media Lab
Stefano Tealdi
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund (produzione dicembre 2021)
Assistente di produzione
Rosa Canosa
Last update: 27 July 2023