As the world is struggling with the coronavirus, another pandemic - invisible but disruptive - is circulating. Con i tuoi occhi addresses the theme of psychological suffering. It does so through the eyes, not only as an iconic element of this pandemic, the only possible contact in the distancing, but also as the gaze of those who experience psychological distress, often the only bridge to reality. From the psychiatric patients in therapeutic communities, even more isolated because of the restrictive anti-Covid measures, to the loneliness of their families, the issue of mental health is not just about psychiatric pathologies. When contagions and deaths decrease, the consequences of a deep and collective illness of the soul will come to the surface. From the stress of the healthcare experience to quarantine, from loss to distancing, a widespread and transversal need for psychological support is emerging, which a society used to living with stigma will be able to take on?

"We thought we were masters of the world, perhaps we are not".

The compromise of our certainties, the social annihilation, the exasperated hyperconnectivity make the pandemic a laboratory of the future, but also a precious lens through which to look at our relationship with our deepest fears. Doing so through the eyes of the characters becomes a bridge to understanding a malaise that concerns us all. Covid becomes a pretext for tackling the psychological suffering that the pandemic is forcing us to face, and for askingourselves what horizon our society is building. In a world that has changed, we need a fresh look at a subject that until now has been dealt with by demarcating the border between normality and insanity. But while Covid offers extraordinary insights, we are still in a phase where processing is difficult. And the storytelling, as an exercise in reconstruction and recovery, is necessary.

Noemi La Barbera
Noemi La Barbera
Noemi La Barbera
Film Editor
Production Director
Organizzatore generale
Executive production
Andrea Tavani, Danilo Goglio, Enrico De Lotto
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con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2021
Last update: 22 January 2024