The physical and spiritual adventure of a group of youngsters affected by autism and their tutors who decided to undergo “the journey”. Together, during the spring of 2021, they traveled 180 kilometers on the via Francigena to reach Rome where they met the Pope. A real adventure, the first in the lives of our protagonists, where they discovered independence. We followed them, starting from their training until they reached their destination, on a path of personal growth, through thick and thin, fun, relationships, confrontations and falling in love.

Our journey, parallel to the protagonist's, will be a deep dive into the world of autism. We will delve into their stories, to tear apart the prejudices and preconceptions that wrongly surround these people. The tutors will have to "steal" every moment of this journey full of life to express the intensity of a route, that starts from the via Francigena, full of symbolism. Long ago pilgrims departed from the most remote towns to “conquer” the center, the heart of everything. Today we know the heart of everything can only be found inside people.

Gabriele Vacis
Michele Fornasero, Gabriele Vacis
Michele Fornasero, Gabriele Vacis
Director of photography
Film Editor
Marco Rezoagli, Michele Fornasero
Original Music
Marta Lucchesini
Davide Marino
Paolo Ceretto, Michele Fornasero, Francesca Gaia Cisotto
Altri credits

Michele Fornasero (Produttore creativo); Niccolò Bosio (Posproduzione sonora), Maria Ester Fiore (Coordinatrice di produzione)

Executive production
Simone Catania, Michele Fornasero
in collaborazione con Rotary Distretto 2031, ASL Torino, Gruppo Con-tatto, CAI. Con la partecipazione di Istituto di pratiche teatrali per la cura delle persone. Con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2021; MIC; Premio "Visioni incontra" per il miglior progetto 2021
Last update: 26 January 2022