Two men-heroes of our time, Antonio Tarantino (1938-2020) and Paolo Gobetti (1925-75). Film little by little takes on appearances, lives, portraits. Antonio and Paolo by their own words and of others. Antonio, playwright-actor and painter, born in Bolzano, in Turin since '46, father in police, motherless at 14 (suicidal mother). He dies alone and poor in Molinette hospital; he benefited by life annuity of Bacchelli law. Paolo, filmdirector and cinema critic, at two months age fatherless (Piero died in Paris at 25, persecuted by fascism), was partisan with Ada mom. He creates in Turin the Archive Nat. Cinematographic of Resistence. From their works Turin's exploration, in film, till Piedmont's mountains so loved by Paolo. Portraits of artist according to cinema: "Cheri", 1991, and "Farelavita-Makinglove", 2001.

This film is an homage to Antonio Tarantino and Paolo Gobetti, I have a debt with them. Paolo and Paola Olivetti with their Coop 28 dicembre produced two of my feature films and a medium-length between 1989 and 1991-2; but also another film of two hours, "Cheri", forgotten by me. "Cheri" is the donkey so loved by Paolo e Paola at Champlas, a village in Susa Valley. Paola gave me their video-camera for filming Afrika. Antonio was talent actor in "Farelavita", 2001, n.2 after "Rosatigre", 2000, with Filippo Timi in travesti and my daughter Giulietta. The shooting was without script. Antonio was the voyeur who is looking for his son disappeared. I have filmed Ostana for assonance with my friend Fredo Valla, film-director. I filmed the meeting in Ostana for maternal languages because Paolo loved Po valley. Fredo knew Paolo when Paolo shot "La Bahio, Festa di una valle occitana" in 1987. Besides Fredo has spoken of his journey by feet along river Don and Italian withdrawall in Russia 1944-45. The film is also in memoriam of Piera Degli Esposti. She had to be in the film Meri-Marì of Antonio's Stabat mater, Ubu price 1994 (she was the first protagonist in theater).

Tonino De Bernardi
Tonino De Bernardi
Tonino De Bernardi
Director of photography
Alberto Momo
Film Editor
Maicol Casale
Original Music
Joana Preiss e Matteo Salvadori
Tonino De Bernardi
Cast and characters

Piera Degli Esposti, Valter Malosti, Giulietta Debernardi, Lolita Chammah, Joana Preiss, Matteo Salvadori, Filippo Timi

Production Director
Alberto Momo
Organizzatore generale
Alberto Momo
Executive production
Tonino De Bernardi
Tonino De Bernardi
Lontane Province Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2021, produzione dicembre 2022
Last update: 03 March 2023