The story brings us into a ten year fragment of Amalia Guglielminetti's life. She was the most distinguished and well-known Italian poetess during the 1910's. Sadly the only memory of her remarkable life that endured up to our days is her tormented love story with Guido Gozzano.

Amalia is a young woman from a bourgeois family. In 1907 her second poetry collection named “Le Vergini Folli” becomes a literary success. The fame her works bring her makes her closer and closer with the idea of emancipation both as an artist and as a woman – which was very uncommon for an unmarried lady during that time. The dead of her grand-father – the patriarch of the family – gives her the freedom to finally go live by herself. Her work as a journalist in some relevant local newspapers allows her to single handedly buy her own house while keeping writing her poetry. In fact, her second literary collection “Le Seduzioni” boosts her notoriety even more and rises her to stardom.

She then commences her relationship with Guido Gozzano – the other most prominent young poet in Turin. As we know the two start courting through an assiduous correspondence even though their exchange never becomes physical and it ends up leaving both of them lonelier than ever and deeply hurt. All things considered, this love circumstance does not prevent Amalia from becoming a true female icon that girls adore and imitate. All this happens in a truly fascinating setting which is the pre-war Turin that was considered the most European and vanguard city in Italy.

The movie ends in 1916 with the premature death of Guido Gozzano and Amalia's bitter realization of being “She who walks alone” - as she wrote in one of her poems.

Davide Ferrario
Zoe Tavarelli, Marilena Moretti
Marilena Moretti
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Cristina Sardo (responsabile sviluppo)

Davide Ferrario, Lionello Cerri
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